Beat the Heat

Heat stress management for empowered workers

An early warning system for worker safety

We provide companies with a novel solution to manage heat stress by connecting their workers with a Smart Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Connected Worker

Empowering the worker to be equipped with an intelligent wearable, emphasizing the human side of safety

Early Intervention

Obtaining relevant, real-time physiological data where it matters, allowing a proactive, risk-based approach to heat stress

Business Intelligence

Bringing proper data to safety professionals, supporting them in making decisions about exposure limits and worker safety

Meet the epyTracker

our solution for heat stress management based on a thorough understanding of our bodies’ thermoregulation

We connect workers with a Smart PPE that employs novel sensors to continuously monitor thermoregulation based on our proprietary ThermoTwin® model, allowing to detect early signs of heat stress without interrupting activity – increasing productivity and worker engagement in the company’s overall success.

The epyTracker can be worn in two locations:


epyTracker integrates into any hard hat using our disposable sweat band


epyTracker integrated into a torso belt

early signs of
Heat Stress


Our proprietary physiological model continuously measures thermoregulation with the epyTracker based on real-time measurement of all relevant vital signs:

Sweat Rate

Core Body Temperature


Heart Rate

Vibration alert

Communication via BLE

Sync recorded data once per week

Live visualization via app

Integrates into intelligent garments

Re-charge once per week

Swiss patented technology

We present the world’s first physiological and personalized continuous monitoring of thermoregulation consisting of four levels of technology and IP:

Physiological Models

Our ThermoTwin® is a proprietary physiological model of thermoregulation that has been developed by experts from ETH over the past 3 years and is based on occupational health and safety standards.

Sensor Modules

Our product is engineered in-house and critical parts are produced and manufactured exclusively in Switzerland using high-quality materials and processes.

Wearable Device

Our wearable is capable of acquiring all relevant vital signs for thermoregulation, including the measurement of sweat rate and total sweat loss as an indication of impending dehydration.

Health Platform

We provide a complete software solution that brings data driven decision making to companies to protect workers and balance productivity.

Founder team from ETH

Dr. Yves Delley

Dr. Yves Delley

Co-Founder & CEO

Yves completed his PhD degree in Physics at ETH in 2017. Working in the field of Quantum Optics, he gained deep experimental and theoretical knowledge on Optics, Semiconductor Physics, Nanotechnology, as well as the design and implementation of electronic measurement systems.

Edith Schmid

Edith Schmid

Co-Founder & Head of BD & MOB

Edith holds a BA degree in Business from HSG and a MA degree in Philosophy of Knowledge from ETH. She shows a proven track record in entrepreneurship serving as president of the ETH Entrepreneur Club and as CEO of the former Swiss MedTech startup Kenzen AG.

Prof. Dr. Peter Seitz

Prof. Dr. Peter Seitz

Co-Founder & CTO & COB

Peter has a background in Biomedical Engineering, Nanomedicine and Semiconductors. He co-authored >200 publications in the fields of Applied Optics, Semiconductor Image Sensing, Machine Vision, Optical Metrology and in the MedTech domain. He is co-author of >70 patent applications and has won >20 national and international awards together with his teams.

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