Beat the Heat

Keeping our workforce safe
by detecting early signs of heat exhaustion

Protective Equipment – but Smart

We keep non-desk workers safe with our wearable technology that detects early signs of heat stress and overexertion – increasing safety and reducing costs.

Personalized Safety

Equipping workers with smart protective equipment, allowing for workflows that are adapted to them – not the other way around.

Early Intervention

Obtaining relevant physiological data where it matters, enabling a proactive, human-centric approach to occupational safety.

Impact Validation

Bringing proper data to safety professionals, supporting them in making decisions about exposure limits and worker safety.

Meet epyGUARD

A B2B safety platform driven by health data – detecting early signs of heat exhaustion, allowing for personalized and sector-specific safety benchmarks.

We are dedicated to our biggest workforce: non-desk workers. Managing heavy jobs and operating in stressful and harsh environments, they are in many ways the industrial equivalent to athletes.

Unfortunately, they are also most affected by workplace accidents, mostly due to heat exhaustion – where the workers suffer from physiological strain, often linked to heat stress.

We connect at-risk workers with our smart PPE, a wearable solution that detects early signs of heat exhaustion without interrupting activity.

Our solution can be applied to existing occupational health & safety standards (e.g., ISO 7933, OSHA standard) and allows for companies to create sector-specific safety benchmarks with ongoing impact validation.

The epyGUARD solution includes:


Our wearable, integrated into a detachable torso belt

* stay tuned for our helmet integration

epyTWIN™ Suite

Our SaaS safety platform, equipping safety professionals with a tool for data-driven, early intervention and ongoing impact validation

early signs of
Heat Exhaustion


Our proprietary physiological model understands our bodies’ thermoregulation and can be applied to occupational health & safety standards. We measure all relevant vital signs with our epySHIELD wearable – including sweat, the 1st reaction our body has towards stress:

Sweat Rate

Core Body Temperature


Heart Rate

Vibration alert

Communication via BLE

Sync recorded data once per week

Historic and live
team dashboard

Integrates into intelligent garments

Re-charge once per week

Swiss patented technology

Occupational safety will not and cannot work with ‘just another wearable’: it requires clinically reliable performance measurements and industry-specific physiological know-how to protect at-risk workers from exhaustion. We present a deep understanding of what is measured, what it means, and its relevance and impact for the human physiology with our four levels of technology and IP:

Sensor Modalities

Our product is engineered in-house and critical parts are produced and manufactured exclusively in Switzerland using high-quality materials and processes.

Wearable Device

Our wearable is capable of acquiring all relevant vital signs for thermoregulation, including the measurement of sweat rate and total sweat loss as an indication of impending dehydration.

Physiological Model

Our ThermoTwin® is a proprietary physiological model of thermoregulation that has been developed by experts from ETH over the past 6 years and can be applied to occupational health & safety standards.

Software Platform

We provide a software solution that brings data-driven decision making to companies to protect workers and balance productivity.

Founder team from ETH

Dr. Felix Lustenberger

Dr. Felix Lustenberger

Co-Founder // Co-CEO

Felix has a background in Micro Engineering (EPFL) and Electrical Engineering (ETH). He was Business Development Manager of a major, world-wide metrology company, headed a private Swiss SME, and co-created 6 tech-startups. He (co-)authored >70 patent applications and scientific publications.

Edith Schmid

Edith Schmid

Co-Founder // Co-CEO // MOB

Edith holds a BA degree in Business from HSG and a MA degree in Philosophy of Knowledge from ETH. Formerly a Senior Consultant at PwC with Life Sciences focus, she served as president of the ETH Entrepreneur Club and helped build a MedTech startup from scratch to 15 people as CEO of the former Swiss MedTech startup Kenzen AG.

Dr. Yves Delley

Dr. Yves Delley

Co-Founder // CTO

Yves completed his PhD degree in Physics at ETH in 2017. With deep knowledge on Optics, Semiconductor Physics, Nanotechnology, Electronics and Metrology, he led the development of a wearable device for mass production and created multiple measurement algorithms that today are successful parts of commercial products.

Prof. Dr. Peter Seitz

Prof. Dr. Peter Seitz

Co-Founder // COB

Peter has a background in Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Nanomedicine and Semiconductors. He co-created the ETH Startup Accelerator ieLab, headed 3 research organizations, co-created 10 Tech startups, co-invented 75 patents, and co-authored >200 publications in the fields of Semiconductor Sensing/Imaging, Machine Vision and AI. With his teams, he won 20 international innovation awards.

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